Perfect Gift for Father's Day by KONVEY

Perfect gift for Father’s Day – KONVEY “Best Dad Ever” Box

Remember the time your dad bought you that expensive gift just because you wanted it so desperately? It takes a lot to play the role of a father. They make us feel on the top of the world by being our wish granting tree, they motivate us to keep getting better and they always stay by our side, no matter what we do. We often run out of gift ideas when it’s time to show them how much they mean to us. We are here for the rescue! This Father’s Day surprise your dad with a beautifully handcrafted gift. Make him feel like the best dad ever by gifting him a box full of handcrafted items. With paper frames, sweet reminders and a twist and pop card; our ‘Best Dad Ever KONVEY Box’ is here to help you out with your expressions!


Best Dad Ever KONVEY Box


Best Dad Ever KONVEY Box


It includes a set of 4 sweet reminders, a set of 4 paper frames and a twist and pop card.


He's my favorite sweet reminder by KONVEY


And here’s the picture of the items.


Best Dad Ever KONVEY Box


Comment below how you find our exclusive Mother’s Day Box. You can order it here. You can also customize the items to be included in the box, according to your requirements. Mail us at in case of any queries. You can also get our latest updates on Instagram and Facebook.






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