10 DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2018

My father has always played a really important role in my life. So I have decided to craft something for him this Father’s Day to tell him how much he means to me! I express my feelings more openly towards my mom, but when it comes to my dad, I can’t find many ways to do so. So this time, I am crafting a customized gift for him coz it’s apparently the best idea to tell him how much I love him and how much I care.

Have you decided on what you are going to gift your dad? Here are few ideas I am sharing with you to help you out to craft something for your dad. Comment below, if you have tried any of these before or if you are going to try any of these and surprise your dad, this Father’s Day.

1. DIY Watercolor Mug

Craft a DIY ceramic mug for your dad. All you would require is a splash of your favorite nail paint and a white ceramic mug. You can find the procedure here.

2. DIY Minimal Wall Clock

If your dad needs to be super aligned with his schedule, gift him this minimal wall clock to remember you each time he spares a look to make sure he is well in time. Here‘s how you can craft it.

3. DIY Succulent Pots

Is your father a nature lover? Give him a little bit of heaven with these really simple customized succulent pots. Learn how to craft it, here.

4. DIY Father’s Day Coasters

Coasters are sure shot gifts to please your dad! So why not DIY a set of coasters for him to cherish this Father’s Day? Check out how to craft these, here.

5. DIY Rustic Wall Rack

This one is my personal favorite as my dad loves to cook. Is your dad a fabulous chef too? If yes, then this DIY idea is a must try! Check out the procedure here.

6. DIY Citronella Paint Can Candles for dad

If your dad likes to spend more time in your garden area, make sure the mosquitos don’t get a chance to disturb the harmony. Here’s a DIY mosquito repellent candle to help your dad enjoy his time the best. Check it out!

7. Breakfast Cake

How about preparing a delicious breakfast for your dad? Sounds good, right? But you know what will sound better? Baking a delicious yet healthy fruit and nuts cake for him to head start his day on a loving note! Loved the idea? Check out the recipe here.

8. DIY Rocky Picture Frame

Cherish your most loved memory with a Rocky picture frame. It a easy and fun craft DIY which is sure to amuse your dad and bring a huge smile on his face! Check it out here.

9. DIY Pre-Shave Oil

Another super cool Father’s Day gift can be a Pre-Shave Oil! Coz bearded dads are the best dads! Check out the procedure here.

10. DIY Mason Jar


If you stay away from your family, gift your dad your time, this Father’s Day. Craft a DIY Mason Jar containing a lot of options where you guys can spend a quality time together. Here‘s how you can craft it.

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