Sneak peek at Box of Heart Collection that will leave you spellbound!

Every relationship demands efforts. Be it your relationship with your family or your friends or your special person. You need to be consistent in expressing your love quite often. Although, loading them each time with something overwhelming never really set it right. At times we feel like the gift is too much of what we need to say, sometimes it’s just not enough. And since we love crafting, we thought why not craft something to help you out in selecting that perfectly handcrafted gift for your perfect moment!

Keeping your emotions in mind, we decided to launch our brand new collection of handcrafted gifts – Box of Hearts, it has just the perfectly skilled combination of more than enough but not too much. There’s a lot to choose from and we are in the process of crafting more of these beauties, but for now, we have chosen 4 of our favorites for you!

Classic Love explosion box

1. Classic Love is a black and white combination of handcrafted perfection, with just the right amount of segments for you to put your notes and pictures along with a photo album! It looks uber chic and super convincing of your brilliant choice in selecting the gift for him/her. Click on the image above to shop this!

Spring love explosion box

2. Spring Love is for those who like to include a perfect tinge of freshness in their expressions. This one is sure to brighten up their face as soon as they open it. It has 4 sections for you to put your pictures and notes along with a photo album that you can fit in the middle section. Click on the image above to shop this!

sunshine love explosion box

3. Sunshine Love displays pure bliss. It is sure to lighten up their mood and bring all the good vibes to your relation! So if you think you need to ask them to forgive you for your silly deeds, this is the perfectly handcrafted gift for him/her that you’ll need! Click on the image above to shop this!

valentine love explosion box

4. Valentine Love is a combination of white and red that cheers out “Sugar and spice and everything nice”! If you are feeling an overdose of love and want to keep it real in expressions, this handcrafted beauty will serve the purpose! The bonus that comes along is that it has a squash card in the middle, which makes it an even more interesting choice.

We make sure you get the perfect handcrafted gift each time. Go ahead, make the most of it and have an amazing time with them. Check this post out to know how your picture perfect moment can get featured on our website! For more, explore other memory boxes to suit your choice. We’re upto a lot on our Instagram and Facebook Page, so follow us there to catch up with our crazy offers, launches and contests!

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