Handcrafted Gifts - May Affair

Which handcrafted gifts you guys loved the most – MAY AFFAIR

It’s that time of the month again! Listing out all of your favorites for the month of May. This month has been all about experiments and new launches and we loved your response about them. We launched two brand new handcrafted gifts, congratulatory cards and handcrafted notebooks! So to beat the heat, let’s soothe our souls scrolling through these beauties!

PINK BLISS Congratulatory Card

  1. Pink Bliss Congratulatory Card because what could get better than a handwritten letter with few pictures and few notes, expressions wrapped in love & affection!

Colors of Love Scrapbook

  1. Colors of Love Scrapbook to surprise her with a beautifully handcrafted scrapbook as a gift including few love notes and your picture perfect moments!

For You With Love Sweet Reminder

  1. For You With Love Sweet Reminder is for reminding them about your sweet love, often! Take all your picture perfect memories and put them along with notes.

Classic Love Box of Hearts

  1. Classic Love Box of Hearts to express your love in an ever sophisticated yet charmingly convincing box full of picture and beautiful handwritten notes.

Vintage Love Notebook

  1. Vintage Love Notebook because it’s time for you to start jotting down all of your dreams! Our notebooks are here to remind you of your dreams every time you flip the pages.

We love how these handcrafted gifts let us be a part of your special moments. And we love it even more when our gifts make you feel more loved! Keep KONVEYing your love and keep letting us know how you find our creations!

Visit our site KONVEY for more such creative, beautifully handcrafted gifts. If you have any ideas that you would like to share, feel free to write us at info@konvey.me Also, we’re upto a lot on our Instagram and Facebook Page, so follow us there to catch up with our crazy offers, launches and contests!

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