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Customizations, customizations and more customizations! April has ended with a whole lot of customizations for Colors of Love Scrapbook as well as For You With Love Sweet Reminder. At KONVEY, we follow the approach of inducing a slight change in every single customized gift so each turns out into a unique handcrafted gift. Now, about the new introductions this month! Drum rolls please…
First one is the cute Floral Charm frame to remind you of your happy memories and the next one is our favorite, heart shaped XOXO scrapbook which indeed became your favorite as you told us via so many Instagram texts! Thank you so much for all the appreciation, it keeps us motivated to innovate and craft more beauties.

Now, let’s take a look at your favorite picks this month!

Floral Charm Frame

  1. Floral Charm frame because your happy moments belong on the shelf, not in your hard drive! Keep reminding yourself of the reminiscences, keep feeling awesome!

XOXO Scrapbook

2. XOXO Scrapbook  if for times when you have to make your expression stand out and let them know just how much they mean to you. The best part about this scrapbook is that it fits in the category of that sophisticated handcrafted gift for him as well as that beautiful and totally lovable handcrafted gift for her!

For You With Love Sweet Reminder

3. For You With Love Sweet Reminder has been a favorite of all times! Here’s a slight view of the new customization!

Colors of Love Scrapbook

4. Colors of Love Scrapbook had a major difference this time. We managed to give the cover a totally new look. Let us know how you find it! The left one is the original one, the right one is the customized one.

Wanna know what we are upto or what all new products we are going to launch? Catch up with us on Instagram or drop by at our Facebook Page to get all our fancy updates!


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